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Ebby (3), Nersingen, French Bulldog / infestation with Malassezia pachydermatis/ massive itching of the ears


Symptom/findings: massive scratching of the ears and head/ Malassezia infestation

Laboratory: Fecal screening

My recommendation: phytotherapy, switching to (ready-made) B.A.R.F., sodium bicarbonate baths, zinc & vitamin A

Treatment time: 10 weeks, 3 appointments on site

Ebby's owner, Birgit, asked me to visit her because Ebby had been itching in and around her ears for weeks. When you cuddled her, she rubbed against you "like crazy" and demanded more and more "scratching sessions".
The ears were very warm and smelled musty. In training we had learned the term "like army socks". :) That was very accurate. The vet had also already treated for Malassezia. A yeast infection of the ears.
ATTENTION: Malassezia is almost always a secondary infection. Treating them relieves the itching but does NOT eliminate the cause!!! 

It wasn't just her ears that were inflamed. Her entire belly was reddened and Ebby was "very warm" overall.

It is treated in 2 phases:

1) Minimize/stop itching
2) Find out the cause and eliminate it if possible.
Therapy approach: herbal "itch stop" + change to "ready-made B.A.R.F.* + the ears were rinsed with sodium bicarbonate solution and Ebby was bathed completely in it. Correct dosage is important here! + a zinc treatment + a faecal screening to rule out parasitosis + vitamin A

*) Feeding raw meat is NOT a cure-all. I have seen dogs that have been "raw fed" that were much worse off than those that have been fed "nasty" dry food all their lives.
In Ebby's case, it was one piece of the puzzle that contributed to his success.

The treatment lasted a total of 10 weeks and I was on site twice for follow-up checks. The itching subsided within a few days. The inflammation of the ears and body improved significantly after 4-6 weeks.

Does your dog also have itchy, reddened ears?

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