Mareike Wirth
Tierheilpraktikerin für alle FELLE 


Behind every patient is a very unique story.

No two animals are alike and yet there are of course similarities.

I AM ALLOWED, with the permission of their owners, to fill my site with such patient stories.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank all those whose stories I was not only allowed to accompany, but also to publish here. THANK YOU!

In addition, all of these owners have made a decisive contribution to the developments.

Please note that I create an individual therapy plan for each animal, which includes sources of supply, dosages and method of application that are not specified here.

And all the therapies described by vets work brilliantly thousands of times over. It is NOT AN EITHER OR but a COMPLEMENTARY COOPERATION that leads to the best results for your animal.

Where possible, I like to work closely with the veterinarians providing treatment.

Allergy, dog

Lick dermatitis, dog
chron. diarrhea, dog

Leishmaniosis, dog
E. cuniculi, rabbit

Stomach problems, horse
Neck bump, horse

Ear mites, dog


Ear mites, cat


End-of-life care, cat

Wound healing disorders, horse