Mareike Wirth
Tierheilpraktikerin für alle FELLE 


Placebo effect? Sugar pellets?

Few things are as divisive as the teachings of Samuel Hahnemann.

A very simple example is "bee poison".

This causes - who wouldn't know from personal experience - pain and swelling in the affected area when stung by a bee.

This poison - appropriately diluted or potentized - is used as "globules" whenever the patient shows the same symptoms. In other words, pain and swelling "like after a bee sting" - only without the sting. For example, after stings from other insects, too much sun, allergic swellings.


Homeopathy is often part of my recommendations.

Would you like to have your animal treated homeopathically?

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Mareike Wirth - Tierheilpraktikerin für alle Felle


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The law requires the following information:

I would like to point out that the treatment methods described here are methods of alternative veterinary medicine, some of which are controversial and not recognized by conventional medicine.