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Diabolito 4 (12), Oldenburg gelding, riding-club Ulm-Böfingen, neck injury (talpa), presumably after a fall in training


Symptom/suspicion: bump in the neck, after a fall months before/ bursitis nuchalis

My recommendation:

Leech therapy + systematic phytotherapy + topical DMSO application

Duration of treatment: Phytotherapy & DMSO: 4 weeks // plus 2 leech appointments (approx. 2 - 2.5 hours each) at intervals of approx. 10 weeks

"As beautiful as in the textbook" like this time with Diabolito, is rare.

Julia told me that Diabolito was resisting her left hand more and more and especially tight turns were acknowledged with head banging. She had the feeling that this was causing him pain and was not just "a trick".

During the examination, the cause was more than clear.

Both left and right, the bursa of the neck ligament was clearly swollen, hard and warm. The medical term for this is bursitis nuchalis, when the bursa (bursa) that protects the neck ligament (ligamentum nuchae) is inflamed (-itis) and becomes swollen.

In the case of bursitis, action should be taken as quickly as possible (see tip below).

In this case, I have enlisted the support of little helpers and used BLUTEGEL.

Medicinal leeches (Hirudo medicinalis) have a wide range of applications (see under therapies). They scratch the skin with many small teeth on 3 jaw ridges and keep the wound open with various substances in their saliva. These substances have the lasting effect of increasing blood flow to the surrounding tissue, which is desirable for many diseases.


With Diabolito I placed 3 leeches on the left and 2 leeches on the right (photo)

I usually let the leeches suck until they drop themselves again, which (usually) takes between 30 and 90 minutes.

Subsequent bleeding should NOT be stopped!

Signs on the stall "warn" stable colleagues that this BLEEDING IS WANTED.

The effect then becomes apparent within a few days.

Diabolito responded very well to the therapy. He was full of enthusiasm again.

As I had already told Julia, the effect wore off noticeably after 10 weeks. We placed a few more leeches and the effect has stabilized.

Tip: in the acute phase (the first 14 days), camphor or kaolin + arnica compresses can provide good cooling help if a bursa has suffered blunt trauma (fall, kick, blow).

In addition, I recommended a combination of herbs that additionally promote blood circulation.

After the bite wounds had completely healed, the affected areas were rubbed with a 60% DMSO solution dripping wet for 3 weeks (after training).

The headpieces of the halter and bridle were consistently padded with lambskin for 12 weeks.

Does your horse also have a big bump in its neck? Or other consequences of a fall?

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