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Lightfire 6 (13), Württ. stallion, RCT Oberelchingen e.V.(at that time), with hoof problems & wound healing disorder


Symptoms/suspicion: extremely dry hooves, wound healing disorder/mineral deficiency 

My recommendation: Hooves: vitamin A ointment & phytotherapy (systemic) / Wound healing disorder: DMSO washes, vitamin A ointment

Duration of therapy: 4 weeks, 3 appointments on site

His owner, Anna, had asked me to take a look at his hooves. Despite being fed oils and minerals, they were extremely brittle. The farrier was having increasing difficulties with the shoeing because the shoes and hoof wall were threatening to break out. Lightfire had already been running barehoof at times, but was very sensitive.

 After a detailed anamnesis and examination on site, I had corresponding indications that several trace elements were not reaching the tissue sufficiently and therefore affecting hoof growth and structure. Molybdenum was one of them.


My recommendation: refill the trace elements, in high doses and biologically bound, to avoid an oversupply through the cure. In addition, systematic feeding of special herbs (phytotherapy) to improve blood circulation in the hoof capillaries.


A few days later, a wart-like structure measuring approx. 5x5cm on Lightfire's stomach was surgically removed by the vet. The surgical wound became infected (despite all preventative measures such as silver spray etc.).
The broad-spectrum antibiotic was only moderately successful.

My additional recommendation: washing with DMSO solution (dimethyl sulfoxide -> see therapies).

During the examination, I also noticed that the entire underside of Lightfire's tail rump had literally peeled off (photo left).
The skin underneath showed no further signs of inflammation, so I used a recipe for an ointment made from beeswax, olive oil and shea butter.

Anna reported back after a week, completely delighted with the progress so far.
After 14 days, the tail rump and surgical scar were completely healed (photos).

The hooves and the lack of trace elements:
The remaining ointment was regularly applied AFTER the hooves had been thoroughly wet with the ointment ONLY ON THE CROWN EDGE. Together with the herbal mixture, physiologically intact horn layers formed again.
              Months later, Anna told me that the coat, mane and tail had also improved sustainably.

I like to recommend herbal mixtures for horses in particular, because as herbivores they metabolize them even better than dogs and cats or us humans.

Does your horse also have brittle hooves, a dull coat and/or wound healing problems?

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