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Ruza (12), Ulm-Dornstadt, Shih-Tzu mix, chron. Diarrhea since 6 years


Symptoms/suspicion: chronic diarrhea, IBD (see below)

Laboratory: fecal screening, urine screening

Recommendation from the veterinary practitioner for all furs: Healing earth, phytotherapy, vital mushrooms, zinc, oils, aroma therapy, kidney prophylaxis

Duration of therapy: 6 weeks (until improvement, cures sometimes several times/year), 2 appointments on site

The call from Ruza's owner, Mrs. R., not only sounded urgent, it was urgent.

She reported on 6 years of odyssey, with a few good days and a few really bad ones. She "just wanted it to stop".

So we arranged the next possible appointment. In a good 1 1/2 hours, she and her husband told us everything they could think of about Ruza, the diarrhea, the inflamed paws and fistulas (!), the food and the previous vet therapies. Afterwards, of course, I took another good look at Ruza myself. Her coat was dull and her skin remarkably dry.

Suspicion: IBD = inflammatory bowl disease = a chronic inflammatory process of the digestive system

The first thing we did was to (gradually) discontinue a "diarrhea remedy" that contains 60% lactose. LACTOSE HAS A LAXATIVE EFFECT! We also "weeded out" an "intestinal cleanser" whose main ingredient is glucose. DEXTROSE ALSO HAS A LAXATIVE EFFECT!

Following the anamnesis interview, we sent a fecal sample to the laboratory (which remained without findings) and the R. family began to implement my 3-page treatment plan at the same time.

We had to do some real convincing on one point: the evening treats were COMPLETELY GONE for (at least!) 14 days. Which was a real challenge with Ruza's beady eyes. :)

With oils to increase the fat content of the dry food, HEALING SOIL INSTEAD OF MILK SUGAR, a VITAL FUNGUS CURE for intestinal cleansing (INSTEAD OF DRUG SUGAR! ;) ) and an herbal mixture to calm the digestive tract, we were initially on the right track.

Also give high doses of ZINC! Both diarrhea and therapy-resistant fistula formation on the paws may indicate a ZINC DEFICIENCY.

Unfortunately, Ruza developed another fistula about a week later, which had to be treated by a vet.

Then Ruza suddenly had blood in her urine and we sent a urine sample to the laboratory.

The first "kidney parameters" were elevated here, so I drew up a separate treatment plan for kidney prophylaxis. Fortunately, there was no "malignant" reason for the blood in the urine. Moreover, it has not occurred again since then.

The diarrhea improved to a normal consistency. However, only after a SUGAR-FREE SUBSTITUTE for the previous treats was found.

Mr. and Mrs. R. are very relieved and grateful that their everyday life is once again about other things than the consistency of Ruza's legacies.

Does your dog also have diarrhea (repeatedly or for a very long time)?

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