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Hard tension of the short neck extensors, the neck and forelimb muscles, as well as the masticatory muscle, gastritis, chronic facial nerve paralysis (facial nerve paresis), left

My recommendation:


Stress point massage according to Jack Meagher (until the appointment with a physiotherapy colleague!), plus therapy for gastric mucosal inflammation, intestinal rehabilitation and nerve support therapy.

Duration of therapy: 7 weeks

Vanessa Dähmlow from Futterstüble in Langenau (see LINKS) had asked me for an appointment.

"Pearl" has become increasingly reluctant under saddle in recent weeks, yawning noticeably often and simply "not making a good impression".

Yawning, empty chewing, head banging during saddling and also the unpopular "couping" can be signs of gastritis.

At our first appointment, it was obvious that Pearl was not fit. She had a slightly "pain-face" and her ears were always pointing backwards. She was reluctant to eat her hay.

I already noticed during the palpation that she was uncomfortable in several places. But she immediately liked the stroking.

I strongly advised Vanessa to make an appointment with a physiotherapy colleague for Pearl and to bridge the time until then with stress point massages (waiting time in this case 6 weeks).

For gastric mucosal irritation, I recommend a phytotherapeutic solution (herbs & medicinal mushrooms) for horses because, as herbivores, they respond particularly well to it, much better than dogs or cats.

Studies show that around 37% of all leisure horses and as many as 63% of all competition horses have stomach ulcers.

Pearl received 8 stress point massages according to Jack Meagher in 6 weeks (see THERAPIES).

2 weeks after starting phytotherapy, Pearl began to eat with significantly more appetite and, above all, to yawn less. Overall, she became more relaxed again, less jumpy and more attentive under saddle.

Is your horse also tense, unwilling or not eating well?

Make an appointment with me now.

Mareike Wirth - Tierheilpraktikerin für alle Felle


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